Smile Simulation Studio

Virtually Experience Your Complete Smile in 3D

Before committing to treatment as complex as full-mouth dental implants, it can be comforting to know what to expect from the outcome. Since a smile is truly unique to the wearer, we provide completely customized smiles that not only restore usability to your mouth but are designed specifically to complement your facial aesthetics. Our completely digital workflow allows us to offer truly custom smiles that are one-of-a-kind and your own. Each of our Smoler Smiles patients receives a fully custom, precision-crafted, smile. Contact us without delay and we will gladly schedule your digital smile preview in Westland, MI.

Preview The New You

Our smile design process is fully digital, from your impressions to your virtual smile
reveal. At your consultation, we’ll take high-resolution photos, 3D facial scans, digital
impressions, and a CBCT scan. We encourage you to show us photos from the past, or
of other individuals whose smiles reflect your smile goals! Using this information, we
run a series of sophisticated technologies and advanced software to create a virtual
clone of your face in three-dimension. You’ll leave this appointment having seen a virtual
representation of yourself with your new smile. Of course, we invite feedback and input
throughout the visit so we can get your future smile appearance just right! From there we
will begin the treatment planning that will later make it all possible.


Our Smile Simulation Process

• High-resolution photos
• 3D facial scans
• Digital Impressions
• CBCT Scan
• Review photos from past or smile goals
• Advanced software creates virtual clone of your face in
• Provide feedback and input throughout visit
• Receive virtual representation of yourself with new smile

The Advantage of a Smile Preview

Our smile preview process does more than provide you with a 3D simulation of your new look. It’s also the kick-off point for your fully digital treatment. We collect all the data, scanning, and digital impressions necessary for your treatment at this visit. These digital renderings become the foundation for the planning and surgical phases to come. Our enhanced treatment protocols are truly second to none in the region. Don’t wait to try on your new smile—the outcomes are transformational!