Same Visit Crowns

Your restored smile is ready today,

while you wait!

At Smoler Smiles we understand your time is valuable, and that’s why we are proud to offer single-appointment dentistry to our patients. Get the best in superior restorations, delivered in just one appointment. No temporaries, no weeks of waiting, no follow-up visits to the office. Enjoy the same lab-quality treatment you’ve received all along — in a timeframe that lets you get on with your life.


Your Smile is Valuable – and so is Your Time!

Tired of waiting a month or more for your crown? Smoler Smiles can sculpt your crown in the time it takes to run an errand!

Replace Existing Large Fillings

Remove metal from your mouth

Restore broken teeth

Situations Ideal for Same-Visit Crowns

  • Protect cracked, worn or weak teeth
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Replace existing large fillings
  • Improve the appearance of discolored or badly shaped teeth

Advantages of Same-Visit Crowns

  • No Second Appointments
  • No Gooey Impressions
  • No Temporary Restorations
  • Covered by most insurance policies – ask for more details!

Same-Visit Crowns: How it works

Smoler Smiles prepares your tooth and captures a 3D digital scan of your mouth

Specialized software is used to create a digital blueprint of your dental crown

While you wait, your crown is sculpted from a block of tooth-colored, metal free material

Our team will bond your custom-made crown onto your tooth

Meet Carl, Our In House Lab Tech

Carl is a graduate of Ferris State University where he received a Bachelors in Education along with an Associates in Dental Technology, becoming a Certified Dental Technician. His experience of working in the professional training and coaching industry, negotiation skills, knowledge of medical devices, sales, management and capital equipment make him an essential part of the Smoler Smiles team as our lab director.

While his number one focus is designing and printing Full Arch Bridge Implants using state of the art digital technology, he also designs crowns, bridges and other dental appliances for our patients.  Carl not only works behind the scenes with his knowledge of operating the software and equipment, but he is often found chairside ensuring our patients are satisfied with the proper function, look and stability of their printed arches. He enjoys supporting the conversion process during surgeries and treatment.

When not designing and printing new teeth, Carl enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and daughter on a boat in a local lake or relaxing in his pool . He has a passion for gardening on his family’s farm and has a knack for growing amazing tomatoes as well as many other vegetables. He often turns those tomatoes into 100s of jars of yummy salsa!