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The most advanced, accurate tooth replacement option.

Dr. Bruce Smoler, First in Michigan to Perform Robotic-Assisted Dental Implants

Yomi is bringing the power of surgical robotics to dentistry. Dr. Bruce Smoler is the first dental surgeon in Michigan to offer this minimally invasive, time-saving approach to dental implant procedures. Yomi robotic-assisted dental implant surgery is an advanced treatment to help you get your smile back.

Yomi delivers patient insights with 3D imaging to aid with a personalized surgical plan for each patient. Yomi robotic haptics guides the dentist’s hand throughout the implant procedure while allowing for dynamic adjustments per the dentist’s clinical expertise.

Yomi enables Dr. Smoler to create a personalized treatment plan specifically for each patient’s personal smile journey. The result is a less invasive, efficient, and accurate implant surgery to make patients feel at ease while allowing Dr. Smoler to retain direct visualization throughout the dental implant procedure.

Learn More About Yomi

The first robotic-assisted guidance system for dental implant surgery.

Surgical robotics has transformed multiple medical disciplines and enabled early adopters to differentiate their practices and become the recognized leaders in their fields.

Yomi is the first and only dental robotic system for implant surgery. Nothing is more accurate or precise than Yomi when it comes to placing implants.

Patient Advantages of Yomi

  • Personalized treatment plan using 3D-imaging
  • Precision-placement using robotic assistance
  • Accurate implant placement that allows for a natural-looking highly esthetic restoration
  • Fewer visits as compared to traditional guided surgery
  • Integrate with jawbone for a solid, secure bite
  • Long-term replacement for missing teeth
  • Fit, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Preserve jawbone health
  • Maintain natural facial contours

Benefits of Yomi Dental Implants

Efficient Treatment

Yomi allows for same-day implant surgery for candidate patients.

Minimally Invasive

Yomi allows Dr. Smoler to provide the surgery with smaller incisions and no sutures.


Yomi helps plan and place your implant precisely for a return to dental function and a brilliant smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yomi-Enabled Surgery?

Yomi helps Dr. Smoler & our dental team by providing precision planning and placement of your implants, so you get a more natural look and feel.

Are robotic procedures new?

Robotic assistance is becoming a standard of care in medicine, used to help over one million patients every year. Yomi is the first and only system for robotic guidance for dental surgery in the United States.

What can I expect with Yomi surgery?

If Yomi is right for you, our dental team will use proprietary Yomi software to develop a custom treatment plan for you. That plan will then be used during surgery, providing precision guidance that your dental surgeon can feel, hear and see – so you get optimal results.

What is different about Yomi-enabled dental implant surgery?

Accuracy and efficiency are what set Yomi-enabled surgery apart from traditional approaches. Freehand is the most common surgical technique for dental implant surgery. Yomi uses advanced robotics and 3D-imaging to overcome these limitations in accuracy (freehand) and time (waiting for 3D-printed guides).

Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon?

Yomi does not replace your dental surgeon – it complements their skill, providing precision guidance. Dr. Smoler is always in control and handling all the instruments.

What happens if I move during the surgery?

Yomi tracks and follows the patient movement. If you move, Dr. Smoler and Yomi will move seamlessly with you, even right in the middle of surgery.