Replace Dentures/Partials

Restore a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

In the last 20 years, the only option for replacing missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth was traditional dentures. Most patients find dentures to be uncomfortable, difficult to care for, and inconvenient.

There is a better way, dental implants can replace your dentures or partials with benefits that will be life-changing. Advanced technology and dental implants are stable, natural, and have the overall function of permanent teeth.

Dental implants, unlike dentures, integrating firmly with the jaw and provide the esthetics of natural teeth. Dental implants are flexible in their ability to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full mouth. Our Smoler Smiles Team is dedicated to replacing all denture wearers with dental implants, one smile at a time! 

Replace Denture/Partials

The traditional replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth is a denture or partial. There is a better way. Dental implants are a better solution.


  • Healthy Solution to Missing Teeth
    Dental implants encourage the growth of healthy bone and gum tissue. They also prevent healthy adjacent teeth from shifting.
  • Speak & Eat Easy
    Like the function of natural teeth, talk, taste, and enjoy the foods your love without hesitation.
  • Next Best Alternative to Healthy, Natural Teeth
    Dental implants are strong and stable so that it looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. Dental implants are made to match the appearance of your natural teeth.
  • Keep Your Teeth in Your Mouth
    Dental implants allow you to keep teeth where they belong, in your mouth. No worries about partials or dentures slipping out. Dental implants are fixed in place and fuse naturally with your jawbone. 
  • Built to Last
    Dental implants may need periodic adjustments but can last a lifetime when properly cared for overtime.