PIC & Osstell

Precision Technology For Revolutionary Stability & Fit

By using the latest technology, Dr. Smoler can provide precision planning and placement of dental implants, so the end result is a more natural look and feel.


Precise Implants Capture


PIC dental provides the winning full arch implants solution consisting of the PIC system, the world’s first and most precise implants oral scanner for taking digital impressions of multiple dental implants and PIC pro, the most advanced digital process for full arch implant restorations.

1. Implant Positions Capture

The implant positions and angulations are captured with PIC system’s guaranteed precision.

2. Soft Tissue Capture

The geometry of the soft tissues is captured with an intraoral scanner or a conventional impression. 

3. Precise Digital Model

The PIC file containing the implant positions and the soft tissue data are aligned in a dental CAD software.

The Technique Behind Osstell

Osstell’s patented technology uses Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) that measures the frequency with which a device vibrates. By comparing resonance frequencies, the stability of a dental implant can be determined as the resonance frequency changes with different stabilities.