Full Mouth Replacement/Teeth in a Day

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Dental Implants & Teeth in a Day

Replace your full mouth or full arch with four placed implants, you can replace a full arch of teeth in just one day with SmolerXpress™ Teeth In A Day.

For a full arch teeth replacement with dental implants, there are various methods that will create a superior result for your mouth. When there is bone loss and we wish to have this tissue back we can incorporate the tissue replacement and bring the full mouth back to restore giving a fully supportive esthetic result.

Full Mouth Replacement /Teeth in a Day

If you fail to replace missing teeth in a timely manner it can create a variety of oral health problems. The remaining teeth that you do have can shift to fill in the gaps, resulting in bite and jaw alignment issues. You may also experience jawbone deterioration and additional tooth loss. Dental implants are the most effective option to replace your missing teeth and ensure these serious issues do not arise.


  • Healthy Solution to Missing Teeth
    Dental implants encourage the growth of healthy bone and gum tissue. They also prevent healthy adjacent teeth from shifting.
  • Speak & Eat Easy
    Like the function of natural teeth, talk, taste, and enjoy the foods your love without hesitation.
  • Next Best Alternative to Healthy, Natural Teeth
    Dental implants are strong and stable so that it looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. Dental implants are made to match the appearance of your natural teeth.
  • Keep Your Teeth in Your Mouth
    Dental implants allow you to keep teeth where they belong, in your mouth. No worries about partials or dentures slipping out. Dental implants are fixed in place and fuse naturally with your jawbone. 
  • Built to Last
    Dental implants may need periodic adjustments but can last a lifetime when properly cared for overtime.

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Costs of Full Arch Replacement

The average cost for a full set of teeth, upper teeth, or lower teeth (respectively upper arch & lower arch) can
range from $4,500 – $24,000 per arch. For a full arch tooth replacement with dental implants, there are various
methods and prices will vary with each patient.