The Best Smiles Are Candid

CandidPro, The Future of Clear Aligners

A straighter, brighter smile is only one visit away! Smoler Smiles is thrilled to make Candid’s revolutionary remote clear aligner treatment available at our office. With CandidPro, it’s never been easier to get the smiles of your dreams!

CandidPro aligners are effective, efficient, and affordable. CandidPro is ideal for people who want the smiles of their dreams comfortably and with the fewest appointments possible.

The CandidPro Difference

With CandidPro’s exceptional remote care, you’ll get the smile you’ve always wanted on your terms—with the oversight of the dentsit who knows your oral health best.

Clear Aligner Comparasion

You’re Only 3 Steps Away From a Straighter, Brighter Smile

It’s so easy to get started. Your new, life-changing smile is just around the corner. Ask our Smoler Smiles Staff if CandidPro is right for you, and start your journey today.

Step One

Call to set up an appointment at Smoler Smiles, Dr. Smoler will take photos and x-rays of your teeth with CandidPro Technology.

Step Two

The patient’s Aligner Kit will arrive at their home. You’ll get your full set of aligners, your CandidMonitoring™ materials, and premium whitening foam. 

Step Three

Stay in Touch with CandidMonitoring™. You’ll send scans of your teeth to your dentist every 14 days, ensuring your treatment stays on track.